Nikki Villavicencio for Maplewood City Council


Why I am running

I love the city of Maplewood. It is not only where I live, it is my home. I am deeply committed to making Maplewood the best city it can be! As a person who uses a wheelchair, I see accessibility, transportation, and infrastructure through a different lens than a lot of able-bodied folks. I know my voice on these issues makes Maplewood a more livable city for everyone. I have spent many years  improving local parks and supporting business development. I would be honored to serve as your next Maplewood City Council person. 

Community engagement

Maplewood Parks and Recreation


I have been on the Maplewood Parks and Recreation Commission since 2014. Click to learn more about my work to improve Maplewood Parks.   

Health care advocacy

Service employees international union, homecare workers and clients in solidarity at union hall!

I serve on the Homecare Workers Training and Orientation Committee at Minnesota Department of Human Services. Click to learn more about my health care work. 


Nikki riding a Metro Transit city bus in Saint Paul Minnesota.

I am work with Advocating Change Together (ACT) to support improving transportation options for folks with disabilities. Click to read more about my work on transportation.

Local economic Development


I serve on the North End Task Force supporting improvements to the Maplewood Mall area for community members and local businesses. Click to read about my work on the Task Force.