Democratic Farmer Labor Party

Maplewood DFL Endorsed

On June 4th, the Maplewood DFL Party held a City Endorsing Convention and endorsed Nikki!

SEIU Minnesota

“Everyone knows that Nikki will fight for what she believes in, speak out for justice and respect her whole community. But if, like me, you see her up close, you know that she always shows up to work. She puts in the time and effort it takes, even when that work is frustrating, technical or unlikely to get noticed. Because she combines a fighting spirit and an intense work ethic, SEIU proudly endorses her for the Maplewood City Council.”  -Phillip Cryan, Execuitive Vice President of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota

Ramsey County Commissioner Jim McDonough

Nikki understands the importance of regional leadership and relationships with neighboring communities is a start.

DFL-Disability Caucus

The March 11th Endorsement from the DFL-Disability Caucus is an important endorsement! The folks that have led Nikki and fostered her leadership now want her to win!

Senator John Hoffman

Having Sen. Hoffman's endorsement is a humbling experiemce. As a fellow disability advocate and a parent to a daughter with a disability, he knows the importance of having everyome's voice heard.

Rep. Erin Murphy and Sen. Foung Hawj

Both Representative Erin Murphy and Senator Foung Hawj endorsed Nikki on Feb. 15. They both have worked with Nikki for a number of years on legislation concerning, children, people with disabilities, seniors and workers' rights!